Cat Deeley shares first look at ‘SM:TV Live’ reunion

It's expected to air before the end of 2020

Cat Deeley has shared a first look photo at the upcoming SM:TV Live reunion show.

The Saturday morning children’s show ran for more than 270 episodes between 1998 and 2003, focusing on sketches, competitions and challenges.

Deeley confirmed the news last month to Chris Moyles on Radio X, and has now shared a first-look photo on her Instagram account.


Sat with her co-hosts Ant and Dec, she captioned the photo: “SMTV reunion @antanddec” and added “All those in favour say ‘I'”

Take a look at the post here:

Describing the reunion show, Cat Deeley previously told Moyles: “We have filmed a documentary. It’s going to be aired at the end of the year. We went back to the studio where we did it. They rebuilt the set. We all cried.

“I walked in and they were doing their interview and Dec was crying and I was like, ‘Ok you’re crying!’ and then at the end of my interview I was like [sobs] ‘Waaah!’.”

She added: “We all have a bit of a cry, we take the mickey out of each other, it’s very, very, very cute. I actually got a text message from Ant yesterday saying he’s seen the first cut and they cried watching it too.


“So hopefully there wasn’t too much of the first show in it otherwise he would be crying at how appallingly bad we were – we were rubbish!”

A specific date has not yet been confirmed, but SM:TV Live is set to air by the end of 2020.