‘Catastrophe’ stars pay tribute to Carrie Fisher

Channel 4 sitcom is set to return later this month

Stars of the Channel 4 sitcom Catastrophe have paid tribute to Carrie Fisher.

The Star Wars actress plays the mother-in-law of Sharon Horgan, star and co-creator of the series, in the forthcoming third season, which will be aired on February 28. It was Fisher’s last TV role and filming was wrapped up just days before she died last year.

Horgan claims that Fisher played a significant part in the forthcoming series, after making brief appearances in the first two seasons.

“In the first series, and even the second series, we didn’t have her for very long – she flew in and did her bit over a day or two,” Horgan explained. “We idolised her. Of course, we wanted to get to know her better, but just didn’t really have a chance to.

“Then in series three, we wrote this chunkier part for her in episode six and got to spend time with her. She was part of the gang – all of the cast got to spend more time with her.

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Horgan continued: “She was funny all the time. She was incredibly witty company and loved saying asshole-y things to everyone, but also was just a really kind, lovely, supportive person. We feel very privileged and honoured to have known her.”

The actress said the writers of the show are still deciding how to write Fisher out of the fourth series.

“It’s a bit hard to think about that yet, so I’m hoping a bit of time will pass and we’ll think of a fitting finish to that story,” Horgan told Digital Spy.

Fisher is also set to appear in the forthcoming Star Wars: The Last Jedi movie later this year.

Meanwhile, a public memorial for Fisher and her late mother Debbie Reynolds will be held on March 25.

Fisher passed away on December 27 following a cardiac arrest she suffered during a flight on December 23.