Watch Channel 4 News’ Jon Snow sum up election result with ‘Game of Thrones’ quote

The newscaster referenced his namesake in the fantasy novel and TV series during his appraisal of Thursday's result

Channel 4 News presenter Jon Snow made a Game of Thrones reference during his report on the surprising outcome of this week’s general election during his broadcast last night (June 9).

The newscaster shares his name with a character (who is portrayed by Kit Harington) from the hugely-popular fantasy series, and was reporting on the result of the election – which saw a hung parliament as the Conservatives failed to deliver a majority – when he made the reference.

Referencing the Game of Thrones line “You know nothing, Jon Snow” during his opening broadcast yesterday evening, Snow – the newscaster – began his report by saying: “Good evening. I know nothing. We, the media, the pundits, the experts, know nothing.”

He later followed up that line by saying: “When I woke up today, I realised, ‘You know nothing, Jon Snow’.”

Watch a clip from the report below.

Game of Thrones, meanwhile, will return for its seventh season next month. A full and action-packed trailer for the forthcoming episodes was released last month, giving a tantalising glimpse at the likes of Cersei and the Lannisters surrounded on all sides, Daenerys plotting an invasion and Jon Snow preparing to lead the North.

The showrunners of the hit HBO show have also hinted that the final-ever season of Game of Thrones may not air until 2019 – meaning fans may be in for a long wait for their final fix of the show.