Charles Bronson is suing Richard Madeley for ‘upsetting his mum’

'Richard And Judy' star made incorrect claims when hosting 'Good Morning Britain' in February

The notorious criminal popularly known as Charles Bronson is reportedly suing presenter Richard Madeley for false allegations he made on Good Morning Britain earlier this year.

Former Richard & Judy host Madeley filled in for Piers Morgan on the ITV morning show back in February when he interviewed Paula Williamson, the fiancée of Bronson (real name Michael Gordon Peterson, now known as Charles Salvador).

After being given a seven-year sentence for armed robbery in 1974 and returning to prison a year after his release for plotting another offence, Bronson is now serving a life sentence issued in 1999 for holding a person hostage at knife point.

Interviewing Williamson on Good Morning Britain, Madeley had incorrectly claimed that Bronson attacked a prison governor in 2016, a date that Williamson had disputed. Bronson had in fact attacked a police governor in February 2014, for which he received a two year sentence.

The Sun reports that Bronson is suing Madeley for his allegations, saying: “My mum was upset over it. I promised her I wouldn’t get involved in more violence. She believes in me.”

Good Morning Britain spokesman claimed that Madeley was mistakenly given another prisoner’s charge sheet by a researcher, adding: “We mistakenly stated that Mr Salvador had attacked a prison officer in 2016. This was incorrect. We are happy to make this clarification.”

According to the report, Good Morning Britain has been asked to retract Madeley’s claims and make an offer of compensation.