Charlie Brooker fans react to the news that ‘2017 Wipe’ has been cancelled

The 'Wipe' character Philomena Cunk will still front a separate new series on the BBC later this year

Charlie Brooker has revealed that he has shelved plans for a special Wipe programme at the end of 2017, and fans aren’t too happy.

The comedian and Black Mirror co-creator previously said he would return to the format at the end of the year, which now airs solely on an annual basis. Brooker admitted earlier this year that real-life events now run at such a fast pace that his production team simply couldn’t meet the demands of making a weekly version of Wipe.

Now, it appears 2017 Wipe has suffered a similar fate. Writing on Twitter, Brooker said: “Got some good news and bad news. Bad news is no 2017 Wipe. Was set to do it but ran out of road. Am way behind on scripts / dev elsewhere and contrary to my optimistic delusions it turns out I can’t do 400 things at once.”


He did, however, reveal that the previously promised Cunk On Britain spin-off is complete and set to air ‘soon’. “The good news (or bad news depending on POV) is we’ve just delivered Cunk On Britain (a 5-part history of our glorious nation starring Philomena) to the BBC, and that will be on *soon*,” he continued, revealing that “Cunk on Britain covers the WHOLE of British history from the Big Bang to Brexit. In five half-hourly chunks.”

Now, news of the anticipated annual round-up’s cancellation has spread to fans – with some expressing a mixture of disappointment and understanding.

“I’m disappointed to hear won’t be doing a 2017 Wipe this year, but given the current state of the world, I suspect it might just have been an hour of him pointing at a rolling news channel and screaming”, one wrote.

Another said: “Charlie Brooker isn’t doing a 2017 Wipe? That’s Christmas officially ruined. Usually the best thing on. #Humbug”. Check out a series of reactions below.


Having triumphed at the BAFTAs in the Comedy and Comedy Entertainment Programme category for his 2016 Wipe, Brooker previously wrote back in May that a 2017 Wipe would be broadcast in December.

Speaking in a BBC press release, Brooker said that his annual review of the year had now become a “tradition.”

“It seems like only yesterday we were making 2016 Wipe, but apparently it wasn’t,” he said. “As ever, 2017 Wipe will compile the best and worst of the year into one easily-digestible jam-packed hour. It’s a tradition now. A bit like the Hootenanny, but with less singing and more sarcasm.”

Speaking about Cunk On Britain, Cunk herself said: “In 2017, Britain stands at a fork in its crossroads, so what better way to find out where we might be heading than looking behind us, into history (which apparently is a sort of ‘rear view mirror’ for time).

“I’ll be travelling the length and width of the country talking to experts and standing in front of old buildings saying things into the camera, as I try to discover what made Ancient Britain the Modern Britain it is today.”