Charlie Brooker creates new Netflix special hosted by Rob Lowe

The special follows 'Death To 2020'

Charlie Brooker has announced a new Netflix special targeting movie tropes in classic films.

Titled Attack Of The Hollywood Clichés!, the hour-long special will be hosted by actor Rob Lowe (Parks And Recreation, St Elmo’s Fire) as he dissects classic films from cinematic history alongside celebrity guests.

A synopsis reads: “Attack Of The Hollywood Clichés! is a one-off special featuring some of the most famous films in cinematic history along with a plethora of Hollywood A-listers, screenwriters, academics and critics as they guide us through the funny, weird and controversial cliches which appear on our cinema screens.


“Posed in a classic crisp suit, Lowe invites viewers to examine the Hollywood cliches filmmakers can’t help but use, time and time again.”

Rob Lowe, Attack Of The Hollywood Cliches
Rob Lowe hosts ‘Attack Of The Hollywood Cliches’ CREDIT: Netflix

The movie tropes covered will include ‘walking away from an explosion’, the ‘meet-cute’, ‘females running in stilettos’ alongside the classic ‘Wilhelm scream’.

The special is from Broke & Bones, the production company from Black Mirror creators Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones. It follows their previous Netflix one-off, Death To 2020, a mockumentary that satirised the COVID-19 pandemic and US presidential election.

In NME’s five-star review, Death To 2020 is described as a “masterclass in television comedy” which is like Weekly Wipe covered in “buckets and buckets of cash”. The special featured a huge cast of Hollywood’s finest, including Samuel L. Jackson, Lisa Kudrow, Leslie Jones, Hugh Grant, Tracey Ullman and Joe Keery.


Attack Of The Hollywood Clichés! releases on Netflix September 28.