Charlie Brooker hints that ‘Black Mirror’ could lead to his retirement

Say it ain't so?

Charlie Brooker has hinted that retirement could be on the horizon, after becoming swamped with a hugely busy schedule after selling Black Mirror to Netflix.

The dystopian anthology series returned for its fourth series in December 2017, and now Brooker admits that he’s considering a lengthy break after realising that he’s constantly working on the show, among other projects, in an attempt to maintain purpose in life.

“I have a regular little thought, which is maybe I’ll completely retire in a couple of years’ time, or just take five years off or something like that, just stop,” he told Kirsty Young during an appearance on Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs.

“Because I don’t have any leisure time really, at all, I don’t understand what my purpose is if I’m not working.”

During his appearance on the iconic Radio 4 show, Brooker also named The Beatles’ ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’, Pixies’ ‘Debaser ‘and Radiohead’s ‘Present Tense’ among the songs he would choose if marooned on a desert island.

Discussing the latter, he admitted that the Radiohead track had been integral in helping him to defeat the insomnia that he has battled against for years.

The fourth series of ‘Black Mirror’ is available on Netflix now and has been littered with celebrity cameos by high profile names including Kirsten Dunst and Aaron Paul.