Charlie Brooker tells the far-right to ‘shut the fuck up and think’ over migrant crisis

'Black Mirror' creator also reveals why he would never appear on 'Question Time'.

Charlie Brooker has opened up about his fear of the far right, urging them to “shut the fuck up and think” when commenting on the migrant crisis.

The Black Mirror and Screenwipe writer and comedian was speaking to NME about the things that frighten him the most, when he shared his thoughts about far right populism in the wake of the migrants seeking refuge in the week of the Calais jungle closing.

“It’s suddenly OK to start openly saying that you want to check refugees’ teeth and things like that,” Brooker told NME. “The people thinking and saying that sort of thing should shut the fuck up and think: ‘We’re all stuck on the same fucking bauble in the vast void of space so we’d better get on.'”


He also revealed that he’d never be a guest on the BBC’s Question Time debate show.

“I’ve done topical comedy shows so I think people assume I have lots of acts and figures at my disposal. I’m actually a fucking idiot,” Brooker added. “If anyone threw a fact at me and said, ‘well you say that about checking refugees’ teeth but I think you’ll find that if you look at this then actually it’s a good thing to do’, I’d go ‘OK, shit, sorry!'”

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Brooker also recently admitted to reading erotic fan fiction about himself and actor and comedian David Mitchell.

Lily Allen also recently joined the debate about the migrant crisis – apologising to the refugees in the Calais jungle on behalf of the UK.


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