Charlie Brooker to make spoof detective drama ‘A Touch of Cloth’

John Hannah set to star in TV writer's new project

Charlie Brooker, ex-TV critic and current Guardian columnist, has written a spoof detective series for Sky 1 entitled, A Touch of Cloth.

The comedy will take the form of a two-hour special starring John Hannah as DCI Jack Cloth, a “maverick, heavy drinking, loner”. Brooker commented:

After you’ve seen A Touch of Cloth you’ll never be able to watch another detective show again. Not because it’s a devastating piss take, but because you’ll have smashed your TV into pieces in a disappointed fury.

The one-off special is to be co-written with Daniel Maier, a writer for Harry Hill’s TV Burp.

Brooker, known for his misanthropic views on culture and current affairs, previously wrote the black comedy Dead Set for E4, a zombie comedy which saw the undead enter the Big Brother house.

Sky have recently made a commitment to invest more in original programming, rather than simply buying American shows. Their aim is to up their homegrown content by 50% in the next three years.

It has not been announced when A Touch of Cloth will air on Sky, but it is expected to be broadcast at some point in 2012.