Charlie Brooker reveals the one thing he wants uninvented

It seems he's just too busy at the moment

Charlie Brooker has spoken of the future of his annual ‘Wipe’ series as well as commenting on the one thing he’d like to be uninvented.

NME was present at a Guardian Lives talk with Annabel Jones tonight (November 1), Brooker revealed the one thing he’d like to be uninvented.

“I don’t like reaction gifs,” he said. “Those things that say: Walking into the club like…. That immediately turns me against that person on a very primal level. How dare they do that? What is that about? Why do people do that?

“‘This thing happened and people can’t deal’ and there’s a gif of Chris Pratt pulling a face,” he continued. “Soon that’ll be the news. “There was an earthquake today:” Reaction gif. They’ve been going on too long.”

He added: “Actually, I quite like them. It starts ironically and then it gets you. I said I’d never use emoji. I do. So pretty soon I’ll just be using reaction gifs.”

Brooker was also quizzed about the new series of Black Mirror but unfortunately remained tight lipped. He did however, reveal that they would be exploring genres they’d never covered before.

Last year, Brooker cancelled the ‘2017 Wipe’ after revealing he was “way behind on scripts / dev elsewhere and contrary to my optimistic delusions it turns out I can’t do 400 things at once.”

Now in a new interview with Radio Times, Brooker said: “In terms of like Wipe shows, Black Mirror takes up every spare moment that I have so at the moment it’s quite tricky.

“Who knows? I wouldn’t necessarily rule out an End of Decade Wipe or something like that. Or an End of the World Wipe. That might be coming up soon.”