Charlie Sheen ‘sorry’ for behaviour last year

Star says he 'did not recognise' himself while under the influence

Charlie Sheen has publicly apologised for his behaviour last year.

The star admitted that he “didn’t recognise” himself as his erratic behaviour spiralled out of control. He was sacked from hit sitcom Two And A Half Men following a series of bizarre outbursts and a public spat with boss Chuck Lorre.

He then went on an unpredictable spoken-word tour and lived with his two girlfriends. But now Sheen has recovered from his drug and alcohol addictions, he has said he is embarrassed by his behaviour.

He told Matt Lauer’s Today programme:

I didn’t recognise parts of who that guy was. I just wish it was somebody else’s body. You say it’s been a year – it’s either been a day, or a hundred years.

Of his decision to speak out, he added: “I guess the plan was to reintroduce myself to America and to the media and say, ‘Sorry about that, but here’s what’s happening now’.”

Sheen will return to TV in the new FX series Anger Management, but said that he still has to make peace with his exit from Two And A Half Men: “I gotta work through that. I could probably do it in a group on my show. Just not out loud.

“I couldn’t have the Two And A Half Men thing be my television legacy. I couldn’t have that end on that note. If this is going to be a swansong, then it’s got to be a beautiful experience, and, so far, eight days there was more fun than eight years.”