Charlie Sheen to ‘die a violent death’

Star's 'Two And A Half Men' character set for untimely demise

Charlie Sheen‘s character in the hit show Two And A Half Men is due to meet a violent end.

While the script may not be final, sources speaking to TMZ have made one thing very clear; Charlie Harper is no more.

To ensure he has no hope of a return, producers are currently pitching ideas of how to kill off the beloved character. One such idea has Charlie drive his car over a cliff.

The car crash idea would have an ironic twist to it after Sheen‘s car was found in a ravine last year. The actor claimed it was stolen.


Shooting on the new series won’t begin until August this year.

In May it was announced that Ashton Kutcher would replace Charlie Sheen. It is said that his character will buy the house Harper lived in before his death.

Charlie was fired from the show after falling out with producer Chuck Lorre.

Sheen‘s increasingly strange behaviour led to him going on national television and letting the world know he was “winning”.

Yesterday it was revealed that Sheen would be returning to the small screen in a programme similar to his million-dollar-an-episode hit.