Chris Eubank gets confused on Twitter by ‘I’m Alan Partridge’ youth hostel joke

Boxer admits he still doesn't understand the connection between him and youth hostels

Chris Eubank has admitted that he is still “confused and perplexed” by an 18-year-old I’m Alan Partridge joke linking him to youth hostels.

In a 1997 episode of the cult comedy series, Steve Coogan’s hapless title character frantically reels off a list of potential new TV shows, including one titled Youth Hosteling With Chris Eubank. The flamboyant former boxer, who once held titles at middleweight and super middleweight, has no particular connection with the youth hostel movement.

Asked by an I’m Alan Partridge fan on Twitter last night if he will ever make a TV show about youth hostels, Eubank replied: “Can you please explain the link between me and youth hostels?”

He then appealed to his Twitter followers to help enlighten him.

After having the youth hostel connection explained, Eubank told one Twitter follower that the joke was still somewhat lost on him. “I am merely failing to find it funny,” he wrote. “It’s not that I do not understand!”

As of this morning, Eubank remained unimpressed by Coogan’s joke, but conceded that it is helping to increase his popularity on Twitter.