Chris Evans says new Top Gear will ‘focus on the cars’

Evans also confirms that 'The Stig' will be staying on the revamped motoring show

New Top Gear presenter Chris Evans has revealed that the revamped BBC motoring show is going to be more about the cars than its previous incarnation.

Evans was appointed to the BBC’s long-running series following the departure of long-time presenters Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May, and recently confirmed his new co-hosts. Sabine Schmitz and Chris Harris both appear to have been appointed based on their previous experience with motoring, as opposed to their background as presenters, with Schmitz a race driver and Harris best-known for his motoring journalism.

Speaking in LA, Evans confirmed: “The car is definitely the star. It’s not based on a person; it’s based on those words: Top. Gear.”

“We’re going to keep the Stig​,” he added. “Yes, we’re going to keep the stars. We want to work more with Los Angeles, too.”

Watch Evans talk about the revamped show, below:

Evans also asked for patience when it comes to style, with the adventures of Clarkson, Hammond and May’s era not expected at the outset.

“If people came to the show for that, I can’t give them that right away,” he said.

“I can only give them the best show that I can produce about cars. I hope that will develop but I’d be crazy to think it will happen right away.”

The new series gets underway on May 8, 2016.