Chris Rock, Ricky Gervais and Louis CK under fire for using N-word in resurfaced clip

It first aired in 2011

Chris Rock, Louis CK and Ricky Gervais have faced criticism for a video that sees white comedians using the n-word.

The clip, which is taken from the HBO special Talking Funny, has gone viral online some seven years after it first aired in 2011.

The segment sees the three comedians discussing their craft with Jerry Seinfeld – and Rock calls Louis CK ‘the blackest white guy I know’.

“All the negative things we think about black people, this fucker”, says Rock.

Louis then responds: “You’re saying I’m a n*****?” The racial slur is then repeated by Rock, to laughter from the rest of the group.

As the group discuss whether they can ever use the term onstage, Louis repeats the term once more before Ricky says: “Who says n***** on stage on stage?”

Louis CK is heard to say the phrase several times more before the clip comes to an end.

One Twitter user responded: “Chris Rock outta all people. Hmmm… who knew this black man was ready to find the humour of a white man using the n word multiple times in this video on camera AND admitting using it a lot more off camera? All I got left to say is Louis Ck…Kmft.”

Another argued: “That Louis Ck/Ricky Gervais/Chris Rock clip is GROSS. Jerry Seinfeld is the only one in the room with some sense???!”

It even eventually prompted Chance The Rapper to wade in too.

Although all the involved comedians are yet to respond, it comes after CK made his return to stand-up earlier this year following extensive allegations of sexual misconduct.

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