Chris Rock says he was nearly cast in ‘Friends’ and ‘Seinfeld’

The rumours are true....

Chris Rock has confirmed rumours that he was nearly cast in Friends and Seinfeld.

The comedian and actor said he was once in talks for roles in the two NBC sitcoms, and was being considered as “the Black friend” in Friends.

He told The Late Show With Stephen Colbert earlier this week that he was in the running to portray Jerry’s friend George in Seinfeld but lost out on the role to Jason Alexander.


“There was a lot of NBC talk. There was talk about Seinfeld“, Rock told Colbert. “There was talk about me being one of the Friends at a point. Yes, I would have been the Black friend. That’s actually who I am to America anyway.”

He isn’t bitter about ultimately losing out to Alexander in Seinfeld. “Let’s just say the good people at Seinfeld, they made the right choice,” Rock added. “He’s good. He’s amazing.”

The actor said that he also missed out on a part in The Cosby Show before his comedy career took off. “I was supposed to be Cockroach on The Cosby Show. That was supposed to happen, where I was Theo’s best friend and thank god that didn’t happen.”

In other news, Rock revealed last September that he once pitched a comedy show starring Cardi B before she had released any music.

Speaking to Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show about the younger comedians he’s promoted throughout his career, he described Cardi as “one of the funniest people”.


“Cardi B, I saw on some YouTube thing, my kids showed me this Cardi B girl. She didn’t have a record out or anything, I was like ‘OK we should do a show with her,'” he said.