BBC subtitles blunder randomly mentioned Hezbollah in Jeremy Corbyn’s engagement congratulations to Prince Harry

The error came during coverage of Labour leader's speech in Glasgow

BBC News made a subtitles error earlier today when it misquoted Jeremy Corbyn as appearing to make reference to Islamist group Hezbollah during a speech about Prince Harry’s engagement.

It has been announced that Prince Harry is engaged to American actress Meghan Markle, with Labour leader Corbyn congratulating the couple during a speech on Monday (November 27).

Speaking at an event in Glasgow, Corbyn said: “Congratulations to Harry and Meghan. I wish them well. I hope they have a great time and great fun together and having met Harry a couple of times I’m sure they are going to have a great deal of fun together. What I would also like to say is that I really do admire the way that Harry and his brother have drawn attention to mental health conditions all across the country.”

However, the BBC News broadcast of the speech saw the subtitles quote Corbyn as referring to “Harry and Hezbollah” instead of “Harry and his brother”. The mistake was quickly spotted and shared on social media.

In a statement regarding the mistake, a spokeswoman for the BBC has said: “The voice recognition technology used when subtitling live news broadcasts misrecognised the phrase ‘his brother’ leading to the error, which was corrected onscreen.”

Many were quick to point out how the incident was reminiscent of a scene from BBC satire W1A.

Watch Corbyn’s speech in full below: