‘Countdown’ sparks delight on Twitter after spelling out the word “Gobshite”

Dictionary Corner's Susie Dent was behind the sweary suggestion

Countdown viewers were shocked – and in many cases, delighted – after the word ‘Gobshite’ was put forward as a suggested word on yesterday’s edition of the show (October 19).

The sweary moment came during one of the letters rounds towards the end of the Channel 4-aired episode – which you can watch in full on All 4 here – as the letters H G T O I B Y E S were randomly selected by one of the contestants.

After both contestants had put forward their efforts, host Nick Hewer handed over to Dictionary Corner’s Susie Dent and her guest for this week, Adrian Chiles – with Hewer noting: “Adrian, you’re looking excited.”

“We’ve got an 8 for you – and I didn’t think of it, so I’m going to hand over to Susie to tell you what it is,” Chiles replied. Dent, with a sigh, replied: “Thanks for that, Adrian: it’s gobshite.”

‘Gobshite’, according to Dent, is defined in the dictionary as “a stupid, foolish, or incompetent person” – and is classed as vulgar slang.

Rachel Riley was then shown on camera, having spelled the word out on the letters board.

Watch the moment unfold below.

Twitter users registered their delight at the mid-afternoon show referencing the word – which was bleeped out during the transmission.