Countdown viewers shocked as Rachel Riley spells out rude phrase

It's not the first time the daytime show has been NSFW.

Countdown star and mathematician Rachel Riley sent a ripple through daytime TV yesterday when she spelled out a NSFW message with the show’s letterboard.

Participants on the show are tasked with identifying words within random collections of letters and one enterprising contestant spotted “squirt”, leading Riley to spell it out on the board. In doing so, she left out the letters OK and I, creating the message: “OK I squirt.”

Riley posted a screengrab of the image in a very tongue in cheek manner. The image soon began trending across social media.

This is not the first time Countdown, a show favoured by students and old people, has been inadvertently NSFW. The spelling game occasionally makes waves with the risqué words it creates, many of which are captured for posterity by the Twitter account @daytime snaps.

In October last year, Countdown guest Adrian Chiles caused consternation when he said:  “We’ve got an 8 for you – and I didn’t think of it, so I’m going to hand over to Susie to tell you what it is.” The show’s language expert Susie Dent added: “Thanks for that, Adrian. It’s gobshite.”

Dent then provided a Dictionary definition of ‘gobshite’: “a stupid, foolish, or incompetent person”.