Courtney Love to star in Lifetime movie about notorious Menendez brothers

She'll play the Kitty Menendez, the infamous brothers' ill-fated mother.

Courtney Love has landed a lead role in a new Lifetime TV movie about the infamous Menendez brothers.

Lyle and Erik Menendez made headlines in 1994 when they were convicted of the murder of their parents, wealthy L.A. entertainment executive Jose Menéndez and wife Kitty. Both brothers are currently serving life sentences in separate prisons for their crimes.

The brothers’ laywer argued during their trial that they had been driven to murder by years of abuse from both parents, including repeated sexual molestation by their father.

Announcing the project, Lifetime said the movie will focus on the “extreme abuse the brothers endured at their father’s hands, while their mother looked the other way”. Love has been cast as Kitty Menendez, but the roles of Lyle and Erik Menendez have yet to be cast. Shooting is due to start in Vancouver in February, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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Meanwhile, Love recently poked fun at Donald Trump and the “alternative facts” controversy by rewriting her bio using a series of unlikely claims.

She previously criticised Donald Trump in a witty Instagram post last year. The Hole singer referenced several controversial Americans in the post, including Bill Cosby, OJ Simpson and Casey Anthony. All of them, she said, are less trustworthy than having “that pussy grabber Trump” as President.