Creator of ‘Doctor Who’ spinoff ‘Class’ says series was inspired by ‘Buffy’

Patrick Ness reveal new details about the 'Doctor Who' sister show

The creator of Doctor Who spinoff show Class has revealed new details about the forthcoming show.

Class is set at Coal Hill Academy in London, a key location in the main series, and will feature teenagers confronting otherworldly beasts.

Speaking to Empire, Patrick Ness said that the unusual going-ons in the school are because “The Doctor’s granddaughter went there.”

Ness also said that Buffy was one of the inspirations for the spinoff.

“Adults watch that, because it’s a great show, but the POV and the agency are all teenage, and that’s what we want to do with Class. It needs to be from the point of view of the sixth-formers – but that doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily a ‘young show’,” he said of the hit 90s vampire show.

Class arrives on BBC Three and BBC One in October.

Meanwhile, fans are speculating that Matt Smith could be plotting a return as the Timelord.