Clive Owen makes hilarious appearance in ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’

Actor gets a bit of insufficient praise from Larry David.

Clive Owen is the latest celebrity to make a cameo in Curb Your Enthusiasm, playing a heightened version of himself.

In last night’s (February 16) episode ‘Insufficient Praise’, the Closer actor performs a one-man show that Larry is left impressed by.

However, Larry’s reaction was somewhat influenced by that of the audience, and later leaves a voicemail that Owen interprets as insufficient praise, which leaves the actor in a bit of a crisis.


Fans watching had a lot of praise for the actor’s appearance:

Previously speaking about getting Owen for a cameo, executive producer Jeff Schaffer told The Hollywood Reporter: “We heard that Clive Owen was a huge fan — we thought that was impossible — but we were told Clive Owen loves the show, and we were writing an episode and thought it would be perfect if Clive Owen could play Clive Owen in the season.

“We just got totally lucky that this amazing movie star has a fondness for Curb, and boy, he knocked it out of the park.”


Meanwhile, fans of Curb Your Enthusiasm recently mocked Donald Trump after he tweeted a clip of Larry David wearing a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat.

The US President posted a clip from the show of David successfully diffusing a road rage incident with a biker by wearing one of the hats. However, Trump appeared to ignore or entirely miss the context when posting the clip with “TOUGH GUYS FOR TRUMP!”

David recently weighed-into the upcoming US election, admitting that a Bernie Sanders presidency would be “terrible” for him as he would have to play the Senator more often on Saturday Night Live.