‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ fans mock Donald Trump after he tweets Larry David MAGA clip

The wider context of the 'Curb' clip Trump shared appeared to be lost on the commander-in-chief

Curb Your Enthusiasm fans have mocked Donald Trump after the President tweeted a clip from the show — featuring Larry David wearing a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat — while appearing to miss its wider context.

The video snippet in question was taken from the recent season 10 premiere of Curb, titled ‘Happy New Year’. The episode sees Larry donning the MAGA cap to avoid socialising with people, with one instance seeing Larry being able to diffuse a road rage incident with a biker by simply putting the hat on mid-conversation.

That interaction was tweeted by Trump last night (February 10), although the President appeared to have either ignored or totally missed the context of the Curb scene as he accompanied the clip with the caption: “TOUGH GUYS FOR TRUMP!”


Those who believed that Trump had used the clip in the belief that it was in praise of him were quick to pile in with their responses.


Speaking about the use of the MAGA hat in Curb recently, David said that “he could give a fuck” if any Trump supporters who watched the show might feel “alienated” by him poking fun at their movement.

Last month, Larry David joked that it would be “terrible” for him “but great for the country” if Bernie Sanders wins the November presidential election due to their likeness.

David has previously played the Democratic hopeful on past editions of Saturday Night Live.