Cypress Hill and The London Symphony Orchestra are trying to bring their Simpsons cameo to life


Cypress Hill and The London Symphony Orchestra are “actively speaking” to make their popular collaboration on The Simpsons happen in real life.

The two acts both featured in the 1996 episode ‘Homerpalooza’, which was part of the iconic cartoon’s golden seventh season. In the episode, Homer joins the fictional travelling music festival ‘Hullabalooza’ on a bill which also includes Smashing Pumpkins, Peter Frampton and Sonic Youth.

In one part of the episode, a roadie asks the travelling bands if any of them have hired the London Symphony Orchestra – “possibly while high? Cypress Hill, I’m looking in your direction.” The hip-hop group then agree to hiring the band, asking them if they know ‘Insane In The Brain’.

And after initially reaching out to each other on Twitter last year, it seems that a real life collaboration is very much on the cards.
“We don’t have a date, it’s still tentative, we’re trying to work out all the details”, Cypress Hill’s B-Real told Music Feeds.

“It’s quite an endeavour to have [London Symphony Orchestra] learn the songs and actually figure out where the venue and all that shit’s going to go. But that is something we are trying to figure out.”

Meanwhile, The Simpson recently featured Donald Trump on the show once more, with the divisive US President featuring in a skit that sees him admitting that he has been “acting like a narcissistic sociopath”.