Daisy May Cooper to star in new BBC comedy drama ‘Cash Carraway’

She'll be playing "a brash yet intelligent working-class single mum"

Daisy May Cooper has been cast in new BBC comedy drama Cash Carraway.

The show is based on playwright Cash Carraway’s memoir Skint Estate, and will star Cooper in the lead role.

Sid Gentle Films, the production company behind Killing Eve and The Durrells, is producing the project alongside the BBC.


“The show is about a brash yet intelligent working-class single mum who not only lives in extreme inner-city poverty but a state of ridicule and humiliation as she attempts to improve her life,” Carraway said in a statement obtained by British Comedy Guide.

Daisy May Cooper. Credit: Getty Images.

She continued: “She’s immoral and shocking and purposefully vile, and swaggerous and quite amazing really – but obviously I would say that as it’s inspired by my life!

“Luckily the role will be played by the brilliant Daisy May Cooper who I know will give her warmth and humour and a performance that says ‘f-you’ to the expectations of how women perceived to be at the bottom of society are expected to behave.

“It isn’t a woeful tale of poverty porn, it’s a love story in the detritus between a mother and her daughter. A woman who refuses to hand over her spirit regardless of how hard it’s kicked in, and it’s an absolute dream to write this drama for the BBC and Sid Gentle Films.”

Meanwhile, the US remake of Daisy May Cooper’s This Country shared its first trailer yesterday (May 18).


The series, adapting the hit BBC mockumentary from Daisy May and Charlie Cooper, was written and executive-produced by Jenny Bicks, and directed and executive-produced by Paul Feig.