Daniel Mays confirms Netflix have dropped ‘White Lines’ after just one season

"If ever there was a hit, this was it, but for whatever reason, they're not renewing it"

Actor Daniel Mays has confirmed that Netflix have dropped White Lines after just one season.

Made by Álex Pina, who also created Netflix’s biggest global hit to date with Money Heist, the 10-part series saw Mays starring in the show alongside Laura Haddock, Angela Griffiths, Tom Rhys Harries, Laurence Fox and Cel Spellman.

Describing the show earlier this year, NME said:White Lines is a furious cocktail of action, suspense, drama and…frequent hilarity. Set between ‘90s Manchester and club-laden Ibiza, it’s gonzo television that flits across the serious and the surreal as it attempts to uncover who is responsible for a homicide.


“Yet this is no straight-forward murder-mystery. It’s more of a whodunnit on acid with a killer soundtrack to boot (there’s The Prodigy, Portishead and Primal Scream for starters).”

Speaking to NME, Mays confirmed the news that the show won’t be returning for a second season.

“That show did so well…but I don’t think it’s going again though, which is a bit of a tragedy…we’ve known for two months now.”

“We all just took it as red, all of the actors, that it was going to go again because it was obviously number 1 on Netflix’s ratings for so many weeks and it went all across Europe and the world and did so well. If ever there was a hit, this was it, but for whatever reason, they’re not renewing it.”

White Lines
Daniel Mays plays Marcus in ‘White Lines’. Credit: Netflix

Asked about the reasons behind the decision, Mays said the “tied-up” ending of the show could have played a part, as well as the logistics of filming during the ongoing pandemic. Filmed across several countries, continuing travel restrictions through coronavirus could have made filming “a challenge”, Mays said.


“Part of me thinks it was tied up, you found out who killed Axel, so it works as a limited series but it clearly also had scope going forward for much more.

“And of course it was filmed across [several] countries so there is that to consider too right now with travel issues…which are a challenge.”

Also confirming the news on Instagram, Mays added: “Following the reports in the press over the past couple of days and for all those asking me on here, it’s with a heavy heart I post the #WhiteLines season 2 ship has well and truly sailed.

“Huge thanks, respect and admiration to @netflix @netflixuk@alexpinaoficial @leftbankpictures and @vancouvermedia_ for the ride of a lifetime. Love to the incredible cast & crew and to all the amazing fans for watching around the globe. Your support for the show meant the world to us. So THANK YOU! Farewell Marcus…you were my favourite.”

Reviewing the show earlier this year, NME said: “Like Ibiza’s non-stop partying ethos, White Lines is lavish in its excess. It boasts a big budget – and the plot is pulpy, OTT, addictive and isn’t afraid to take risks, or trespass over the lines of taste. Yet it mixes its zest for entertaining outlandishness with fine acting and a solid script to pull together the entire story with a degree of emotional complexity and honesty.

“Spanish TV seems to be having a moment on Netflix (see also Elite) and White Lines confirms Pina is at the top of his game. It’s a 10 episode head-rush that never pulls a narrative whitey – and a satisfying conclusion won’t leave you with a post-binge comedown.”

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