Daniel Radcliffe for del Toro’s ‘Pinocchio’?

The director announced the new project this week at Cannes

Daniel Radcliffe has been linked to a new version of Pinocchio from Guillermo del Toro.

The former Harry Potter star is apparently interested in getting involved with the new adaptation, which will use puppets and stop-motion animation. The new version of the story about the wooden puppet whose nose grows when he tells a lie was announced this week at Cannes.

And the director said that Radcliffe has approached him to “get involved in the project,” according to the Hollywood Reporter.


Del Toro went on to explain that he had not originally intended to direct the film himself, but events forced his hand. He said: “When we originally talked about this project I was going to direct, but then I said I would [just] executive produce it. But everything with the production discussions became more and more specific and I began to realise I was getting more and more involved.”

He also revealed that Tom Waits and Christopher Walken are on his “wish list” for the voice cast. The film is scheduled for a 2014 release.