Danny Dyer criticises ‘bland, nothingy’ One Direction: ‘I’ve seen holograms with more presence’

'Who would you rather listen to in an interview, Harry Styles or Noel Gallagher?' Dyer asks

Danny Dyer has shared his forthright opinions on One Direction in his new autobiography.

In The World According To Danny Dyer, published tomorrow (October 22), the EastEnders actor writes: “Media training is what’s wrong with bands nowadays. Look at One Direction – to me their music isn’t bad but there’s no soul to it.”

“I do not understand how they’ve sold more than The Beatles and The Stones. How can that be? I’ve met ’em and they’re OK but pretty unremarkable kinds of blokes,” Dyer continues. “Most of ’em are so bland and nothingy that you wonder if they could get an automatic door to open for ’em. I’ve seen holograms with more presence.”

Dyer also compares One Direction’s Harry Styles unfavourably to Noel Gallagher, claiming that the former Oasis guitarist gives more interesting interviews.

“Who would you rather listen to in an interview, Harry Styles or Noel Gallagher?” Dyer writes. “I’m sure Noel would have been advised against calling his brother a slag but it’s a sight more entertaining than Harry telling you what his favourite colour is.”

Noel Gallagher has shared his own candid opinions about One Direction in the past, branding Zayn Malik a “fucking idiot” for quitting the group earlier this year.