Danny Dyer hits back at Twitter critics: ‘You look like an earthworm in a hoodie’

Dyer responds to followers who mocked the number of "straight to DVD" movies he's starred in

Danny Dyer took on several of his Twitter followers yesterday after they mocked the number of “straight to DVD” movies he has starred in.

Replying to @jimplumb78, who made the first joke about the actor’s CV, Dyer wrote: “Didn’t think it was ever possible for a man to be uglier than the fish he’s caught. #horribleslimyboat”

When another follower @MikeTee10 joined in, Dyer told him to “pipe down” and dished out more insults.

Another follower @AshHanson10 then branded Dyer a “knob head”, prompting another straight-talking response from the actor.

Dyer’s final retaliation tweet was directed at @LiamBurton92, who had branded the EastEnders star a “massive bellend”. The actor wrote in response: “Mate you look like an Earthworm who’s whacked a Hoodie on.”