Danny John-Jules: ‘BBC ignored ‘Red Dwarf’

Actor lays into broadcaster for neglecting the hit sci-fi comedy

Danny John-Jules has blasted the BBC for its treatment of Red Dwarf.

The actor, who plays The Cat in the sci-fi comedy, said the broadcaster neglected the series, despite it being a big hit around the world.

“The BBC never really pushed Red Dwarf as one of their flagship shows, even though it was so successful,” he told Digital Spy.


“I think it all stems back to the commissioning days, when the BBC turned down the show twice.”

John-Jules suggested that Red Dwarf is still under-appreciated, claiming that the show’s cast would often be “ignored” by the BBC.

“There’s no question that if I was in a show in Hollywood that had been running for 23 years, I’d be able to hang out with Barack Obama.” he argued. “We’ve not even had a cup of tea at the BBC. But it’s not like it worries us – it’s great to be a bit controversial.

“We never get invited to comedy awards shows or BBC luvvie shows, anything like that,” he added. “Red Dwarf has made untold millions all over the world, but we’re still not part of the furniture, if you know what I mean.

The new series of Red Dwarf will begin filming in November, to be shown on its new home, Dave.