Dave Chappelle brings out surprise guest Louis C.K. at comedy show

The disgraced comedian made an appearance at Chappelle's 'An Intimate Socially Distanced Affair' event

Dave Chappelle brought out Louis C.K. as a surprise guest at a recent comedy event, according to attendees.

The disgraced comedian has only performed live a handful of times since he was accused of sexual misconduct by multiple women in 2017.

On August 4, Chappelle held one show in a series called Dave Chappelle & Friends: An Intimate Socially Distanced Affair at Wirrig Pavilion in Yellow Springs, Ohio. A photo shared by photographer Mathieu Bitton on Instagram showed the host stood next to some of the night’s performers.


Alongside DJ Trauma, Michelle Wolf and Mohammed Amer was Louis C.K., who Bitton described as the “surprise guest in the cornfield”. See the photo below.


Chappelle has regularly defended C.K. since the allegations against him were made public during the height of the #MeToo resurgence. In his Netflix special Sticks & Stones, Chappelle told the audience his friend “didn’t do anything you can call the police for”.

“Now he’s coming back playing comedy clubs and they’re acting like if he’s able to do that that’s going to hurt women,” he added. “What the fuck is your agenda, ladies?”


Although C.K. has made a handful of appearances at comedy clubs and events in the States since 2017, he cancelled two planned shows in the UK in 2019 after protests flooded social media.

The comedian self-released a surprise stand-up special online in April. Sincerely Louis C.K. saw him discuss the allegations against him, which he had previously admitted were true. “I thought I should leave the nation,” he said during the show. “Thought it was a good idea. Would have left the planet if they had another one of those. Thought it was a good idea. Would have left the planet if they had another one of those.”