Dave Grohl to executive produce sitcom about band in crisis

Foo Fighters star has teamed up with comedian Dana Gould

Dave Grohl is set to executive produce a new sitcom about a rock band in crisis.

The Foo Fighters frontman has teamed up with comedian Dana Gould, who will write and star in the project, being developed by the FX channel, according to Deadline.

The comedy will focus on a band on the verge of megastardom who fall out, and in a last ditch attempt to stay together, seek professional therapy. Unfortunately they end up with a misanthropic couples counsellor who is on the brink of divorce.

Gould, a former writer for The Simpsons, is a fan of Grohl’s music and approached him about working on the project. Grohl himself is no stranger to comedy, regularly dressing up in Foo Fighters videos and played Satan in Tenacious D‘s movie The Pick Of Destiny.

However, he has his own dim views about bands in therapy. Speaking to NME last year about his own bands’ turbulent history, he said: “I believe one of the reasons we’ve managed to stay together [is] because we just don’t tell each other everything.

“I know that some bands hire therapists to help them sit down and work shit out. That would completely destroy our band. Bands in therapy are doomed. You shouldn’t be open emotionally with your band. From the beginning we wanted to make it clear that this was not like the drama club. We did not want any bullshit.”