David Attenborough is not happy with Bear Grylls

"He will have to answer for himself"

Sir David Attenborough has hit out at Bear Grylls for killing animals on screen in his new TV show.

The legendary naturalist has criticised his fellow documentarian for his new show ‘The Island With Bear Grylls’, in which he and contestants slaughter animals including pigs, turkeys and crocodiles.

“We’ve never killed an animal,” sir David told The Sun. “Bear Grylls will have to answer for himself.

“But I wouldn’t willingly kill an animal just to get a shot.”

Animal welfare charity PETA have also condemned “miserable celebrities and producers” for the killing of animals on the show

Morrissey and David Attenborough

Morrissey and David Attenborough

This comes after Morrissey recently hit out at Attenborough for his treatment of animals in ‘Blue Planet’ and ‘Planet Earth’.

“I don’t know about Attenborough’s regard for animals,” said Morrissey. “He often uses terms like ‘seafood’ and there’s no such thing. It’s sea life, and he talks about ‘wildlife’ and it’s free life.

“Animals are not wild simply because we pathetic humans haven’t shoved them in a cage, so his terminology is often up the pole.”

David Attenborough

Attenborough also recently opened up on the dangers of plastic after witnessing the damage it causes to the environment while filming ‘Blue Planet II’.

The naturalist said: “We’ve seen albatrosses come back with their belly full of food for their young and nothing in it. The albatross parent has been away for three weeks gathering stuff for her young and what comes out? What does she give her chick? You think it’s going to be squid, but it’s plastic. The chick is going to starve and die.”