David Cross says he has ‘high hopes’ for the new series of ‘Arrested Development’

Cult comedy is due to return in 2013

David Cross has spoken about the return of Arrested Development and has said he has “high hopes” for the show’s resurrection.

It was confirmed late last year that the cult comedy show, in which Cross portrayed eccentric therapist Tobias Funke, would be returning for both another run on television and a big screen adaptation and the comedian has now said that he is excited about returning to the show.

Speaking to Playboy, Cross said of the plans for the return of the show: “Based on what was described to me, it seems to be a very smart, original, interesting idea. I have high hopes for it.”

According to one of the show’s writers, Dean Lorey, a new series will premiere on Netflix sometime next year, but Cross has said he won’t be completely confident that the show will return until the cameras begin rolling.

He said of this: “I’m definitely more confident than I was before, but that’s not to say I’m 100% confident. I won’t be 100% confident until it’s made.”

Arrested Development was originally broadcast on US network Fox between 2003-06 and starred Jason Bateman and Michael Cera. Despite being critically acclaimed and winning six Emmy awards and one Golden Globe, the show was dropped after three seasons because of low ratings.