Stranger Things’ David Harbour has a new strategy when it comes to Season 3 spoilers

The actor tends to slip up when asked about the upcoming episodes

Stranger Things’ David Harbour has taken up a new technique to stop himself from leaking Season 3 spoilers.

The actor, who plays Police Chief Jim Hopper on the Netflix show, is known for slipping info about the upcoming episodes.

In December 2017 Harbour said fans “probably won’t get [Season 3] until sometime in 2019” because the Duffer brothers “need time” to write it. “Those guys work so hard,” he said. “I mean, they just sit in their apartment and write for 12, 14 hours a day.”

He also suggested that a long-held theory that his daughter Sara died in Hawkins Lab could be true. Then last month, he said that filming on Stranger Things 3 would begin in “March or April, but I don’t have a confirmation.”

Unfortunately, his tendency to chat about Season 3 often gets him in to trouble. Speaking to Time Out, Harbour said: “I get in so much trouble revealing little things, so my mouth has been completely shut any time someone asks [about season three].”

Last month, Harbour asked his Twitter followers to help him get over 200,000 retweets on a tweet so he could dance with penguins. He had written to Greenpeace asking how many retweets he would need for them to “send me someplace to tell emperor penguin couples I think they have terrific parenting ideologies” and “perhaps hone the Hopper dance with the males”.

The environmental organisation replied: “Hmm, if you get over 200k we’ll ask the Captain if you can join our expedition to the Antarctic and dance with the penguins. #StrangerThings have happened.”

Harbour sent out a request to his fans, saying: “I’m a giver. I give and I give. But now I need you. I need 200k retweets to go dance with penguins. Please internet. Please retweet THIS TWEET. Please. A man needs his ‘guins.”

When it reached the 200k mark, Harbour noted that it took “less than 5hrs” to achieve the feat. “I’ve never said this to a multi-user weblike platform of tons of computers connected worldwide, but… Internet… I think I love you.”