David Jason unconvinced about US ‘Only Fools And Horses’ remake

Del Boy actor reckons the classic sitcom's humour will get lost in translation

David Jason has expressed his doubts over the planned US remake of Only Fools And Horses.

The classic Peckham sitcom is being adapted for the ABC network by Scrubs writers Steven Cragg and Brian Bradley. But Jason, who played Del Boy Trotter throughout the whole run, has said he fears the show’s humour will get lost in translation.

He told BBC News:

They can do brilliant comedy, but I don’t see that they can bring off Fools And Horses. I don’t see that it will travel across the pond. It might work but you’ve got to change it so much that, in the change, in order to Americanise it, do you lose the whole concept of the piece?

Jason added: “The language will have to change so much and there will be so many parts of the storyline that you have to change. It’s so London and so British [in] its humour, that you wonder. It’s London-based and it took quite a long tome for the rest of the country to catch up with the phrases. I have no idea what the American equivalent of ‘plonker’ is, for example. Or ‘dipstick’.”

However, asked who he would cast as Del Boy in any remake, Jason suggested Johnny Depp, but said: “You would never get him because he’s too big but I’d go for Johnny Depp because he’s such a good actor.”