David Lynch reveals why David Bowie wanted his voice dubbed in ‘Twin Peaks’

"I think someone must have made him feel bad about his Louisiana accent," Lynch says

David Lynch has discussed David Bowie‘s posthumous cameo in the new Twin Peaks season, revealing that he asked for his voice to be dubbed.

The music icon originally appeared as FBI agent Philip Jeffries in 1992’s Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me. Bowie had been in talks with creator Lynch to reprise the role before his death in January 2016, with Lynch eventually using footage from his original appearance while his character also took the form of what appears to be a kettle.

“I never even talked to him, but I talked to his lawyer, and they weren’t telling me why he said he couldn’t do it,” Lynch told Pitchfork. “But then, of course, later on we knew.”

“We got permission to use the old footage, but he didn’t want his voice used in it,” Lynch added. “I think someone must have made him feel bad about his Louisiana accent in Fire Walk With Me, but I think it’s so beautiful. He wanted to have it done by a legitimate actor from Louisiana, so that’s what we had to do. The guy [voice actor Nathan Frizzell] did a great job.”

Lynch also went on to stress that Jeffries is not actually meant to be a kettle: “I sculpted that part of the machine that has that tea kettle spout thing, but I wish I’d just made it straight, because everybody thinks it’s a tea kettle. It’s just a machine.”

“He was unique, like Elvis was unique,” Lynch added of Bowie. “There’s something about him that’s so different from everybody else. I only met him during the time I worked with him and just a couple of other times, but he was such a good guy, so easy to talk to and regular. I just wish he was still around and that I could work with him again.”

Watch Bowie’s original Fire Walk With Me cameo below and his Twin Peaks return above.

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Speaking at Serbia’s Belgrade Culture Centre, Lynch answered a fan question about the potential for another season. He said that at this point, it’s too early to say whether it would be a possibility. “It took me four and a half years to write and film this season,” he said, so fans would have to be patient.