David Lynch pens open letter to Donald Trump after the president mistook him for a fan

Lynch's quotes were taken out of context. Way out of context.

Director David Lynch has clarified some interview quotes that were taken out of context, by penning an open letter to Donald Trump.

The far-right and Trump took remarks Lynch made in an interview with The Guardian – where he suggested Trump “could go down as one of the greatest presidents in history” – and mistook them for the words of a supporter.

However, Lynch has taken to social media to confirm that he is not.


“Dear Mr. President, this is David Lynch writing,” the director posted on Facebook.

“I saw that you re-tweeted the Breitbart article with the heading – Director David Lynch: Trump ‘Could Go Down as One of the Greatest Presidents in History.’ I wish you and I could sit down and have a talk. This quote which has traveled around was taken a bit out of context and would need some explaining.

“Unfortunately, if you continue as you have been, you will not have a chance to go down in history as a great president. This would be very sad it seems for you – and for the country. You are causing suffering and division.

“It’s not too late to turn the ship around. Point our ship toward a bright future for all. You can unite the country. Your soul will sing. Under great loving leadership, no one loses – everybody wins. It’s something I hope you think about and take to heart. All you need to do is treat all the people as you would like to be treated.”

Dear Mr. President,This is David Lynch writing. I saw that you re-tweeted the Breitbart article with the heading –…

Posted by David Lynch on Tuesday, June 26, 2018

During the Guardian interview, Lycnh said: “I’m not really a political person, but I really like the freedom to do what you want to do.”


Lynch says he voted for Bernie Sanders in the 2016 Democratic primary and thinks – but isn’t 100% sure – that he voted Libertarian in the presidential election.

“He could go down as one of the greatest presidents in history because he has disrupted the thing so much. No one is able to counter this guy in an intelligent way,” the ‘Twin Peaks‘ director said, when asked about Trump.

He continued: “Our so-called leaders can’t take the country forward, can’t get anything done. Like children, they are. Trump has shown all this.”

While you could read his words as saying that Trump has exposed all politicians to be a bit useless, and he’ll go down in history for causing such a ruckus – and not necessarily a good one – far-right website Breitbart had a different understanding.

Breitbart published the quotes out of context, saying that Lynch is “one of the few Hollywood figures to openly express sympathy or admiration toward President Trump since his rise to the Oval Office.”

They took Lynch’s words as meaning  that “he now appears to believe that Trump may have been the right choice”.

Trump himself shared the Breitbart piece.

In the same interview, the acclaimed director said that he would never explain his work, because ‘discussion makes it smaller’.

He also teased more ‘Twin Peaks’, saying one particular storyline ‘is calling’.

Meanwhile, back in April, another celebrity caused controversy for supporting Trump – when Kanye West posted pro-Trump tweets, with many artists expressing their dismay.

The president responded, saying it was “very cool”, and later tweeted that Kanye West “has performed a great service to the Black Community’.

Back in 2016, Kid Rock endorsed Trump’s presidential campaign, saying he was voting for him because he’s ‘entertaining as shit’.

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