David Lynch teases more Twin Peaks, saying one storyline ‘is calling’

The director spoke at a book signing yesterday

David Lynch has hinted at more episodes of Twin Peaks, saying that one storyline in particular “is calling”.

The show returned for a third season last year – 26 years after the finale of the second season. Fans were faced with a huge cliffhanger at the end of last year’s episodes, so fans have been hoping for a fourth season.

No plans have been made for more episodes but thanks to one fan’s question at a book signing yesterday (June 21), Lynch spoke of his thoughts on the matter.


He was attending a signing for his memoir ‘Room to Dream’, co-written by writer Kristine McKenna when he was asked whether he would be interested in continuing the story of the character Carrie Page. Lynch replied: ““It is calling, but there are a lot of disturbances.”

Lynch hasn’t completely ruled out another season and Showtime has made it clear they would be keen to screen more episodes.

The comments come after the show’s star Kyle MacLachlan said that a fourth season of the cult TV show is “certainly possible”.

“I think those kinds of things are certainly possible,” he told Deadline. “I think we’re all just waiting on David to have the spark of an idea to go forward. It’d be a great journey. I would drop everything to do that.”

MacLachlan added that Lynch “loves this world [of Twin Peaks]” and that the filmmaker is “so excited that people have returned to it in such a pure way”.


Last month, it was revealed that a documentary about the Log Lady is in the works. Titled I Know Catherine, the Log Lady, the Lynch-authorized documentary will follow the life of actress Catherine E. Coulson, who sadly passed away in 2015.