David Lynch reveals ‘Twin Peaks: The Return’ DVD release date

It's coming in December

Twin Peaks: The Return has finally received a DVD release date, which David Lynch has revealed on Twitter.

The iconic, cult TV show’s return drew to a close earlier this month, after initially airing back in May.

Now, the show’s creator and creative figurehead David Lynch has revealed that fans will be able to own the whole thing on DVD boxset from December 5. Writing on Twitter in typically Lynchian style, Lynch said: “Dear Twitter Friends, the stars turn and a time presents itself. December 5, 2017. Blu-ray and DVD!”

In addition, Lynch shared a photo of the boxset itself – check it out below.

Meanwhile, Kyle MacLachlan – who plays Agent Cooper on the show – has hinted that the current run of new episodes may not be the end point for Twin Peaks.

Telling Digital Spy that he would “welcome” further episodes in the future, MacLachlan said: “I had such a wonderful time on this. And you’re talking about working again with David Lynch, so that’s a no brainer.”

It’s a statement that’s been addressed by David Lynch too, who recently answered a fan question about the potential for another season.

He said that at this point, it’s too early to say whether it would be a possibility. “It took me four and a half years to write and film this season,” he said, so fans would have to be patient.