David Lynch on ‘Twin Peaks’ returning for season 4: “Never say never”

The cult show ended a 26-year absence this year

David Lynch has discussed the possibility of Twin Peaks returning for a fourth season, saying: “Never say never”.

Twin Peaks returned for a new run of episodes back in May, ending a 26-year absence from the small screen.

Asked about the chances of fans seeing a fourth outing, creator and director Lynch told The Hollywood Reporter: “I’ve learned never say never”.


Asked about the third season’s “cliffhanger” ending, Lynch said: “I don’t really say things like that. But you know, I always say that there should be some room to dream.”

Twin Peaks fourth season

Meanwhile, David Bowie returned to the new Twin Peaks in a posthumous cameo that used footage from his original appearance in the cult show’s big screen prequel.

The music icon originally appeared as FBI agent Philip Jeffries in 1992’s Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, and was in talks with creator Lynch to reprise the role before his death in January 2016.

His character reappeared during a scene that saw Gordon Cole, played by David Lynch, recount a dream sequence to FBI forensics expert Albert Rosenfield.

The episode was also dedicated to Bowie, with his name appearing during the credits.