David Schwimmer on ‘Friends’ TV special – ‘It won’t be a reunion, but it’ll be fun’

Upcoming NBC event isn't what fans are hoping

Former ‘Friends’ actor David Schwimmer has spoken about the upcoming ‘Friends’ tribute special to be aired on NBC.

Touted by hopeful fans as the long-awaited reunion of the beloved US sitcom, the event is not what it seems, according to Schwimmer.

Speaking to Access Hollywood yesterday (January 16), the man best-known for his portrayal of the love-lorn Ross said,”We’re honouring someone we love very much, Jimmy Burrows, our director.”

“It won’t be a reunion, but it’ll be fun,” he added.


He’s not the first of his co-stars to pour cold water on the idea of a full-cast reunion on live television. Matthew Perry, who played Chandler for the show’s 10 year run, confirmed last week that he would not be attending due to rehearsal commitments in London. He’s starring in a West End play called ‘The End Of Longing’.

Perry will be appearing in at least some capacity though, he revealed.

Speaking on Friday’s episode of ‘The Graham Norton Show’ he said, “It’s not the ‘Friends’ reunion that everyone is hoping for…I’m going to be introducing them from [London], because I’m doing the play here and can’t be there.”

Schwimmer has his own high profile role to prepare for. He’s set to star in upcoming FX series ‘American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson’. He’ll be playing attorney Robert Kardashian, the ex-husband of reality TV star Kris Jenner.

The ‘Friends’ special will air on NBC on February 21 and all cast members are confirmed to appear, at least in some capacity.