David Walliams allegedly involved in row on a plane

The TV star is said to have taken exception to another passenger filming him during a flight

David Walliams was allegedly involved in a row with another passenger in the first class section on an Emirates flight.

The Little Britain and Britain’s Got Talent star was alleged to have been angered by another passenger, Jamie McDonald, filming him during various stages of a trip with the airline in November.

Posting a video to TikTok, McDonald captioned the first section of the clip: “Just had an argument with David Walliams in the first class lounge cause of this video [sic].” In the video segment, a man wearing a mask – who appears to be Walliams – can be seen sitting in a lounge area before looking in the direction of the camera.


Britain's Got Talent
‘Britain’s Got Talent’ judges with presenters Ant and Dec, David Walliams pictured centre. CREDIT: Shirlaine Forrest/Getty Images

The video then switches to the interior of a plane, with individual private booths in it, where a man’s leg can be seen resting on the ledge of a pod opposite to the camera. The onscreen comment from McDonald reads: “He’s in the pod next to me so awkward every time I walk past.”

The video then ends with a selfie of McDonald in a mask, with the caption: “David walliams reported me, don’t know if I can fly with emirates again what a bean [sic].”

NME has reached out to representatives of Mr Walliams for comment.

Speaking to The Sun, a source responded to the video, saying: “David was hoping to keep a low profile during his trip but when you’re one of the biggest stars on TV that’s no mean feat.

“He was spotted at the lounge but didn’t make a scene though he made it clear he wasn’t happy. On the flight the guy tried to sneak another picture and David had had enough. He told a member of staff and Emirates decided to intervene.”


In other news, Walliams’ future as a judge on Britain’s Got Talent is “very much up in the air”. Indeed, the comedian is apparently set to step down from the show’s panel after 10 years.


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