Deadmau5 is trying to buy the ‘Rick and Morty’ McDonald’s Szechuan sauce for a lot of money

A bottle of the sauce is currently on Ebay for $5,600

Electronic producer Deadmau5 is attempting to buy a rare bottle of McDonald’s special Szechuan sauce, as popularised by cult cartoon Rick and Morty, and is willing to pay a load of money for it.

In 1998, McDonald’s launched a short-lived promotional Szechuan sauce to coincide with the release of the Disney film Mulan. Then, earlier this year, Rick and Morty fans lobbied McDonald’s for the long-dead promo sauce’s return after the show’s season 3 premiere was filled with references to it. The end of the episode sees Rick make an epic rant to Morty about the sauce.

An old packet of the old sauce later sold on Ebay for nearly $15,000 (£11,500) before McDonald’s produced a small amount of limited-edition bottles of the sauce, gifting one to Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland.


Now, one Ebay seller has listed an item that claims to be one of the few bottles of the sauce that McDonald’s recently made. Upon seeing the listing, Deadmau5 tweeted: “am i really in the middle of a bidding war over a 64oz bottle of Szechuan Sauce? yes. i am.”

The listing finishes on Thursday (August 10), with bidding currently at $5,600 (correct at the time of publishing).

See Deadmau5’s tweets below.


Last December, Deadmau5 spoke to NME for a cover interview.

In it, he discussed his infamous internet persona, saying: “All this Twitter beef shit, it’s just funny – to me, anyway. I love the predictability of it: a celebrity says something dumb at me, then this happens, then this plays out like that, then it’s all forgotten the next day – then the next dumb thing happens. That’s why I’m never like, ‘Oh man, this is really hurting my career.’ Like, it’s not. I mean, it’s not exactly helping it either”.