‘Depressing’ Fortnite Live event compared to Fyre Festival

This has not gone down well

An event that was meant to be based on the game Fortnite left many punters ‘depressed’ and children ‘in tears’ after it failed to live up to their expectations.

Fortnite Live saw thousands flock to Norfolk Showground Arena this weekend, but many soon slammed it as a “scam” and demanded refunds.

The two-day event promised to be the “ultimate Fortnite Battle Royale with ‘crazy competitions, awesome activities…and much more”. Tickets started at £12 with wristbands for activities costing an additional £20. After a lengthy queue, many were left disappointed by how little the attractions represented gameplay.


“There was a climbing wall that could only fit about four kids on it, the sort of thing you would only see at a school fete,” mother Justine Petersen told Metro.

Describing what was labelled as ‘The Cave Experience’, she said: “It was some sort of truck with a tarpaulin over the sides, then they had stuck a grey plastic slide on the back. ‘It wasn’t even slippery. The kids were using their arms to push themselves down it. In front of that there was a merchandise stall. There were baseball caps with cannabis leaf logos on them.

“We then went to the main building. There was a big inflatable llama with a crowd barrier around it, pushed against a wall.”


She added: “Everything had a massive queue. There were thousands of people and only about six things to do.

“There were children upset everywhere. There was not a single person who seemed to be happy about what they saw. ‘It was horrendous. It seems they’re not taking any responsibility for it. It’s just depressing really. ‘I felt like they were just trying to capitalise on something that was popular and just scam people.”


Another woman told The Guardian: “It should have been a fun day out – but the whole event was a shambles. My kids spent most of the day in queues.

Fortnite is all about hunting people down and killing them. I felt like doing that to the people who organised it. There would have been hell to pay if they had not agreed to pay refunds to people who bought wristbands.”

As the Evening Standard reports, the Facebook page by Exciting Events has now been deleted, but featured many punters demanding a refund and some even comparing it to the disastrous Fyre Festival.

“We are dealing with people on an individual basis,” local organiser Shaun Lord told local media over the weekend. “There are a lot of people who have told me they have had a fantastic time and their kids have thoroughly enjoyed it.

“We will take everybody’s feedback into consideration and we will act on it.”

Meanwhile, Marshmello recently made headlines by playing a ‘live gig’ on Fortnite.