Details of the new Alan Partridge series have been revealed

Norfolk's most iconic export will return in a Simon Schama-style historical documentary series of Britain

Details of a new Alan Partridge TV series have been revealed.

Steve Coogan recently returned as his North Norfolk broadcasting alter-ego in the BBC’s faux magazine show, This Time. Now, it has been revealed that Partridge will try his hand at a Simon Schama-style historical documentary of Britain, as reported by Chortle.

Rob and Neil Gibbons will once again direct and share writing duties with Coogan on the series that is provisionally titled And Did Those Feet, With Alan Partridge. Production has begun on the BBC One show, with filming due to begin in May.


Made by Coogan’s production company Baby Cow, also on board is Dave Lambert, who was responsible for producing the Partridge documentaries, Scissored Isle and Welcome to the Places of My Life.

After his appearance in the previous two Partridge series, it’s reported that Tim Key will not reprise his role as sidekick Simon Denton.

Rob and Neil Gibbons will once again direct and share writing duties on the new Alan Partridge series.

Both Rob and Neil Gibbons revealed back in March that Partridge would be “trying his hand at something else,” and it turns out that something else includes the ill-fated broadcaster taking part in a re-enactment of the Peasants Revolt of 1381, where he’ll run a sword through an array of extras.

As expected, there will of course be some on-air rivalry, this time with history presenter Sam Chitin (played by Simon Farnaby), as well as the usual Partridge anecdotes – “What’s fascinating about history is that unlike bread in a bakery or love in a marriage it is never going to run out.”

Watch a clip of Partridge discussing the history of work in Britain:


Meanwhile, This Time With Alan Partridge debuted on BBC One back in March – and it’s fair to say that his return to the corporation went down a storm.

Praising the show on Twitter, one fan wrote: “This Time with Alan Partridge has been on 12 minutes and it’s already funnier than anything else BBC have put out in the last 10 years. We don’t deserve Coogan at all.”

Another argued: “This Time with #AlanPartridge is sublime. Finally some excellent British comedy back on the BBC.”