‘Disenchantment’ easter eggs confirm show’s connection to ‘Futurama’

The plot thickens.

An eagle-eyed fan has spotted an easter egg in Disenchantment to seemingly confirm that it’s set in the same universe as Futurama.

Although the medieval Netflix fantasy animation couldn’t be any different from the futuristic series, they’ve got an obvious common link in the form of showrunner Matt Groening – who also created The Simpsons.

But one scene in the first season has seemingly suggested that Disenchantment may actually take place in Futurama’s past. In the season one finale, eagle-eyed fans spotted an image of Fry, Bender and the Professor when Luci used a crystal ball to show King Zog.


It’s subtly implied that the characters from Futurama used their time machine to travel back in time, seemingly confirming that the two shows exist in the same universe.

However, others have dared to suggest that perhaps Disenchantment is set in the future, with the action taking place in a post-apocalyptic world where all society has seemingly collapsed.

The evidence also continues into the  ninth episode of Disenchantment season two, when Bean goes to Steamland, following an airship pilot named Sky Gunderson.

Die-hard fans for one will notice that Gunderson is Gil’s last name from The Simpsons. But Sky Gunderson also bares a resemblance to a younger version of Professor Farnsworth.

In our review of season one, NME said that “Matt Groening’s new series will reward and surprise the box-set bingers”.


“Come episode eight, Disenchantment becomes about something, even if that something is just a cool story and not any of the Titanic zeitgeist-y expectation that a new cartoon from the creator of The Simpsons will have cast upon it.

“Lop off the ‘dis’, take away the ‘ment’ – by the very end of its first run, Disenchantment becomes enchanting. Stick with it.”