Disney announces new original series ‘The World According To Jeff Goldblum’

It arrives in November

Disney have announced details of a new series based on Jeff Goldblum.

The actor and musician, who has played Glastonbury among a host of shows this year, will be the star of the new show on the Disney+ service.

The World According To Jeff Goldblum will come to the streaming service on November 12, and is set to let you “see the world through his eyes.”


As well as the new show, Goldblum has been busy with his music career this year.

During his Glastonbury set back in June, he brought out Sharon Van Etten and confirmed a new album. In a review of the show, NME‘s Kevin EG Perry said “there won’t be many more elegantly joyful sets than this at Glastonbury 2019.

Last year, Goldblum appeared on the cover of NME as the Big Read interview, talking sex, drugs and jazz piano.

Speaking of his love of the piano, he said: “I had the same relationship with it [as a child] as I do now. I didn’t know why I was doing it, I just liked it.


He then spoke about phoning up every cocktail lounge in town at the age of 14, asking: “I understand you’re looking for a piano player.”

“Most of them said: ‘Who is this? We don’t even have a piano!’” he remembers. “But some of them said: ‘Not really, but we do have a piano. Do you want to come down and play it?’ So I got a couple of jobs. I was too young to be in a bar, of course, but I stuck to my task.

“My parents drove me to one place, and then there was a girl singer or two that I remember latching on to – without being yet, as you know ‘active’ – but just magically in proximity. These were showbusiness girls! They said: ‘Sure, you play and I’ll drive us to the gig.’ So I accompanied some singers, much like today.”

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