Disney announces when ‘The Simpsons’ will launch on Disney+

The entertainment giant's streaming service will open for business on November 12

Disney have confirmed that The Simpsons will be available to watch on Disney+ from next month.

Disney’s acquisition of a number of 21st Century Fox’s key assets earlier this year ensured that the entertainment giant will be able to house Fox-produced films and shows like The Simpsons on its streaming service, which launches in North America and The Netherlands on November 12.

Disney have now confirmed that The Simpsons will be available to watch on Disney+ on its launch day, November 12. In a clip which was uploaded to the Disney+ Instagram account yesterday (October 28), Homer, dressed as Iron Man, is seen remonstrating with Bart, who objects to having to dress up as Mickey Mouse.


“I’m not gonna do it, you’re not gonna make me do it,” Bart says. “I don’t care how much [Disney] pay.”

Disney+ isn’t expected to launch in the UK until at least March 2020.

When the platform launches in the US in two weeks’ time, it’ll cost users $6.99 (£5.35) per month — keeping the promise Disney made last year that their streaming service will cost less per month than Netflix.

The Simpsons‘ latest ‘Treehouse of Horror’ episode saw the Springfield family reimagined as characters from Stranger Things. The episode, which was the show’s 30th Halloween special, aired in the US last week (October 20).