Donald Glover: “I feel like Jesus”

The actor, director and musician's acclaimed TV show 'Atlanta' returns for its second season in the US tomorrow (March 1)

Donald Glover has said in a revealing new magazine profile that he “feels like Jesus”.

The second season of Glover’s acclaimed TV show Atlanta returns in the US tomorrow (March 1), and the actor, director and comedian – who also makes music under the name Childish Gambino – has given a rare interview ahead of the show’s return.

Speaking to The New Yorker in a wide-ranging piece, Glover mused on his various successes – with the interviewer at one point asking the 34-year-old if there was anything he was “bad” at.


“To be honest, no,” he replied. “Probably just people. People don’t like to be studied, or bested. I’m fine with it.

“I don’t really like people that much. People accept me now because I have power, but they still think, ‘Oh, he thinks he’s the golden flower of the black community, thinks he’s so different,'” he laughed.

“But I am, though! I feel like Jesus,” Glover continued. “I do feel chosen. My struggle is to use my humanity to create a classic work – but I don’t know if humanity is worth it, or if we’re going to make it. I don’t know if there’s much time left.”

Elsewhere in the New Yorker profile, Lena Dunham revealed that she’d apologised to Glover for the role he was given in her show Girls – adding that she hoped he didn’t feel “tokenised” by the character he played.